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Health & Fitness Bulletins

May 29, 2024

Sleep Posture and Neck Pain

Sleep posture tips to avoid neck pain

Chronic neck pain is common, and left unaddressed, potentially disabling. Causes can range from injury to tumors, but one common source is the way people sleep. Here are some tips to consider.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. This posture puts more pressure on your spine than any other. When lying on your side, fluff your pillow so that your spine is parallel with the bed. If your spine points upward or downward past your shoulders, this can cause neck pain throughout the day.

When lying on your back, fluff your pillow such that your spine in your neck (aka your cervical spine) is supported in its natural curve. You also want the line of your chin to be perpendicular with bed. Having your neck flexed or overextended contributes to neck pain.

If your best self-care efforts still leave you with nagging neck pain, ask your doctor to prescribe a thorough physical therapy assessment.

In reviewing this data, you agree that this is not medical advice and that medical advice should only be heeded after a proper assessment from a licensed healthcare professional.

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